Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Dusty Hoskovec, I am a professional photographer with a boutique studio in Minneapolis Minnesota, and I am very happy to  also be offering my services to western Wisconsin and the St. Croix river valley area out of Balsam Lake Wisconsin. My two strongest passions in life are documenting the beauty and peculiarities that I come across in the world, and traveling. I am constantly in search for a different ways of looking at something. 

Photography has been my passion for more than 25 years and my profession for 15. I was professionally trained in fine art and documentary photography in college, and I went on to hone my craft both in commercial photography studios around the Twin Cities, and while traveling. From food photography to events and travel imagery, and many areas in between, I have managed to work my way around this massively diverse story telling art form. It is so inspiring to think that there is always another point of view one can find, and that there is just no way to get bored with photography, because there are so many ways to create with it.

I love working with new and existing clients and brands that need their story told visually, or just want to improve on their current narrative. Whatever it is you are promoting, whether you have a physical product to sell,  you are an entertainer pushing your talents, or  a community of some kind trying to clarify your identity, content and the visual message are more important than ever to grow your base and to get noticed in the room full of others competing for your market. Let's bring our skills and creative vision together to develop the type of unique and compelling imagery that will help drive your brand to a larger audience. 

You may have noticed that my site has a wide range of subject matter. As I mentioned, I truly enjoy the challenges of so many different types of photography. It is important for me to continually strive to be as versatile of a shooter as possible. I put these images together to reflect a bit of my inquisitive spirit, and to share some of the fun I have had with my passions throughout the years. If you crave order, I have separated the collections section by themes to make it easier to locate particular examples of my work that you may be looking for.

Send me a message today and let's work together to tell your story better than ever before. 

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